Training & Support

Just as important as taking good advice before buying a computer system, is making sure it runs smoothly once installed. Inevitably, things go wrong or don’t seem to work as you’d expect.

So what makes Clear Thinking so different from its competitors? We believe it’s the strong emphasis we place on customer service and support which required highly trained, dedicated personnel who share our beliefs and business philosophy. Clear Thinking is totally committed to providing customers with the highest level of advice, service and technical support, and as a company can provide the complete solution.

When our customers ring for software support, they all have one thing in common – that is they want a quick and efficient response. Over the years, this high level of service has been fine-tuned to meet new demands, tighter deadlines and advancing technology. Our total commitment to support is assured from the first time computer user, through the growing company upgrading their system, up to the bigger company installing a network to support a larger number of users.

We guarantee that our software support hotline is permanently manned during office hours by a staff dedicated to support our programs. Our support service has been designed with the customer in mind. We provide a practical, expert and complete backup service and the ability to talk without using jargon. Your peace of mind can be guaranteed.

If you would like to contact our software support team, please email them at
or ‘phone +44 (0)1273 570857.

Customers who hold a support contract with us can take advantage of the TeamViewer remote access software, allowing us to give live product support. Click here to start a remote support session.