Welcome to Clear Thinking Software

For anyone who processes, handles or sells flat glass, Clear Thinking Software has computer software to help improve your business.

Manufacturers of DGU/IGU (ie. double glazed units/insulated glass units), companies who process glass, (eg. polishing, bevelling, toughening, drilling, CNC work, etc) and companies who provide a glazing service, all need software to help improve efficiency. From the smaller company with just one or two staff, through to medium organisations and even the biggest operations in the business, our highly experienced team recognises that everyone needs to run a smarter, tighter ship. Since 1986, we have researched, developed and perfected our software for the glass industry and offer premium software solutions that are tailored to individual customer requirements.

There are a number of key factors to consider when you initially start looking for new software, for example:

  • Does your current supplier not provide premium levels of service?
  • Is your existing software program unable to operate efficiently as your business has grown?
  • Do you want to introduce a system that your current supplier cannot provide?
  • Are you simply starting up your company and wanting to computerise your business, but are unsure of how to move forward?
  • Perhaps you have visited our website or been recommended by another customer, and realise the breadth of help available from our team?

Whatever the reason, we recognise that investing in a software solution is no longer a short term consideration, you need a long term partner who understands your business, and can help you manage and grow your company. We can do this by introducing efficiencies, controls and reporting for your management team, from the office right down to the shopfloor. We are committed to developing strong business relations with our customers. The emphasis we put on high level customer support has been the backbone of our success over the years and one which has helped to drive our business forward.

“We’ve spent more than 35 years perfecting our software for glass and making sure it’s what our customers really want.”