Standard Items

If you regularly sell complex and repeat items to your customers, then these can be set-up as standard items in Glass Office.

For example, if you make the front of a video arcade game from 6mm toughened glass and it’s a complex DXF CAD shape – and the customer  regularly orders 50 a month, then it may be easier to set this up as a standard item.

This can be called up by the customers part number – ABC123-2, without the operator having to know all the complex details of the drawing, the overall size, hole locations and diameter, size of raduis corners, and paint specification.

To your production team an ABC123-2 is really 6mm glass – 400 x 500 that needs 30 minutes on the CNC machine, and 2 off 50mm diameter holes, toughening and then painting.

Often standard items have an agreed fixed price, rather than the usual calculation of the total of the glass cost and all the processes, so this can also be accommodated.

A standard item could equally be furniture glass, a kitchen splashback or the multi-laminate windscreen of a train, or bullet resistant panel for a military vehicle.

If required, all the certification, specifications, works instructions, test results, etc. can be stored as PDFs against the standard item with the document scanning option.