Window Energy Ratings (WERs)

Window Energy Ratings (WERs) tell you how energy efficient your windows are and is based on a scale of A to G, with A rated windows being the most energy efficient. The Glass Office WERs option will let you create the specification of the unit that gives any given customer’s window frame an A, B or C rating, so subsequently you can just call up an A, B or C rated unit for the customer without your order entry team needing to know all the details of the specification required.


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So for example, your customer may make Rehau frames, and just wants to specify that they want an A rated frame, so in their order to you to supply the unit, they will often just write “A rated unit”. With Glass Office, it will know for that customer to achieve an A rated frame you will need to supply them with a softcoat, warm edge unit, but you don’t need gas in it, but you would need argon gas for another profile perhaps.


This means that your sales order entry team do not have to remember complex and varied specifications for every customer, they can just be told A, B or C and chose this letter in Glass Office to get the correct spec for each customer.

This means less mistakes, less calls to customers, less admin and a more efficient office and happier customers.