Bar Coding

Using the Glass Office Bar Coding module, anyone in your company can see where all the pieces of glass are, for any given job, at any one time. This will help both your customer service and production teams enormously.

No more running down to the factory to see if a job is ready, then calling the customer back.

No more wondering where the last item to complete a job is and wasting time hunting for it – when everything else is ready in the despatch department and the driver is ready to leave.


This video shows how the Glass Office barcoding dashboard can be used in the office, glass factory or by a manager walking around on a tablet to see the real time location of every piece of every order in your factory.
You can see all the items and which stations they are at.
You can also zoom into a particular station and see all the glass at that station.
You can also ask where all the pieces of an individual order are.
This is why some of the biggest and best glass processors use our software.
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