Why are we the best?

About Clear Thinking Software

Clear Thinking (Software) Ltd was formed in 1986 by Malcolm Searle specifically to provide software solutions to glass companies. Since then, we’ve grown to a size where we can supply high quality software products to whatever the scale or sophistication of your organisation.
We have the largest dedicated software team in the UK that specifically serves the glass industry. We have built our reputation over the years as one of the most respected organisations supplying software to the flat glass industry. We were the first computer company serving this industry to achieve ISO 9001 registration, and we are still the only software company represented in the Glass and Glazing Federation.

At Clear Thinking Software, we believe that reputations are earned, not created, which is why the majority of our business comes from customer recommendation. Quite simply, we have a total commitment to excellence in every service we provide. The high calibre of staff, the in-depth knowledge of the glass and glazing industry and the level of support and training we provide are a justification of the faith our customers place in the Clear Thinking range of products and services.

The continued growth of the Clear Thinking operation has enabled us to offer unrivalled product knowledge and understanding to advise customers on the most appropriate equipment and software for their individual needs.

Very often, it’s not just the solutions that sets companies apart from each other, but the high calibre of personnel, their experience and our understanding of the specific requirements of a particular business. At Clear Thinking, we have always been obsessed with providing efficient solutions and rapid comprehensive support services and maintaining long-term client partnerships that last a long time. After initial contact, we take customers step-by-step through our products and services, guiding and training them to use our software.

We recognise how crucial quality and innovation is, we believe that each customer has specific and sometimes unique demands which is why we do not believe that “one size fits all”. As such, we deliver a service that our clients can always rely upon and we will always consider enhancing these, based on customer’s requests. With a dedicated programming team that believes in this ethos, we consider this puts us far in advance of our competitors and over time has meant that we provide can better system options and services for all our customers.