“My expectations…. were exceeded when we started to use the new system”

Diversity and adaptability were key elements for three companies north of the border, when choosing their software package provider. Clear Thinking Software was contacted by three companies in Scotland, all with diverse product ranges, to provide a solution to individual software requirements.

Supaseal Glass, Forsyth Glazing and Hurry Brothers all have strong market positions in different manufacturing areas. Spanning from sealed unit manufacturing to laminate production, the large variation of requirements for each company required flexibility and a complete understanding from the software supplier, as to how each company worked.

In all cases, the existing software could ‘handle’ basic requirements. However, due to each company’s growth, this was now limiting performance and output. Essentially, the old software systems were dated and were restricting expansion; therefore greater speed and productivity were required.

For Malcolm Searle, Managing Director of Clear Thinking Software, this was a vital part of the evaluation process as the software provider. It was essential that the packages supplied could cope with future market demands in respect of each company and that the programs could be tailored individually.

Supaseal Glass is one of Scotland’s foremost IGU manufacturers. Senior management at the company chose to install Clear Thinking Software solutions, due to the simplicity and cost effectiveness of the programs.

Alex Gray, Managing Director of Supaseal, evaluated a number of software options available across the glass industry. Whilst Clear Thinking Software was not the cheapest option, after evaluating each product on its own merit, he considered the benefits of the software programs available from Clear Thinking to be far superior to any of their competitors.

Alex Gray, comments, “It was obvious for us to choose Clear Thinking Software, as it provides the most user-friendly software system and our customers can benefit from direct order entry EDI. Furthermore, the cost of the overall package was affordable and it comes with a superb back-up service, which is offered as standard by the Clear Thinking team. For us, the decision was simple.”

In addition to the Glasgow operation, Supaseal Glass has subsequently commissioned Clear Thinking Software to install the same system in their recently acquired factory in the north east of England in County Durham, called Supaseal North East.

Forsyth Glazing was founded in 1969 by Hugh Forsyth Molinari, as a small, one-man glazing business in the east end of Glasgow. Over time, it has steadily grown and it is now a significant competitor in the Scottish glass market. Currently, it is jointly managed by brothers, Joe and Gerry Molinari, who employ a team in excess of 50 people. Products and services from within the range vary, from picture framing to aluminium shop fronts, with a strong emphasis placed upon trade counter sales as well as prestigious, commercial aluminium contracts.

Once again, the software purchased for the company had to adapt to a variety of requirements. Here, Clear Thinking Software rationalised order entry to make the system of input easier in relation to all aspects, from one-off trade counter sales through to complex order processing.

Joe Molinari, joint Managing Director of Forsyth Glazing comments, “We looked at various software packages and were pleasantly surprised after the initial meeting with the Clear Thinking team. They were friendly and completely understood our requirements. Consequently, the software package has grown with our business and we consider the backup service to be excellent. We now have fourteen users on the system, some in shops around the city and some based in our offices, and have forged a good relationship with Malcolm and the rest of the team”.

For Clear Thinking however, the first Glasgow installation was in 2003 at Hurry Brothers. They have one of the most specialised, processing facilities in the country that deals with structural glazing assemblies, painted and coated glass as well as water jet cutting and CNC manufacturing and their own toughening furnace.

Mark Borland, who is Managing Director, comments. “When looking to replace our software package, it was imperative that all our needs were taken into consideration and those needs could be met. Clear Thinking Software were flexible when it came to our set-up requirements. My expectations, in respect of the software packages, were exceeded when we started to use the new system. One of the most important benefits we have gained is the ability to filter, in-depth, orders, deliveries, work-in-progress etc. It has made the entire process run far more smoothly and much more efficiently. The Glass Office system is also very user-friendly, with excellent help via a dial-in service direct from the Clear Thinking support team.”

Malcolm Searle of Clear Thinking Software, comments, “It is vital in today’s market, for companies to have a progressive approach. At Clear Thinking we evaluate the company’s requirements to ensure that our software will help take them forwards, at a pace to match their needs.”


Supaseal Glass

Forsyth Glazing

Hurry Brothers

Article first appeared in The Gl@zine & Fenestration News – 16th December 08