“..GlassBuild is one of the top trade shows in the US, allowing some of our UK office to team up with our colleagues stateside..”

GlassBuild America is being held in Atlanta this year (30th September – 2nd October 2009) and is where the glass (and window and door) industries meet. Listed as one of the top 200 trade shows in the US, GlassBuild America is the largest gathering of glass professionals in North America. The show is organized by the National Glass Association, of which Clear Thinking Software USA is a member, and will bring together again some of Malcolm Searle’s UK team with Matt Bain, who heads up Clear Thinking’s offices in the US.

Following the GlassBuild show in Las Vegas last October, Clear Thinking are keen to build on their success there and are hoping to make further inroads into the US market, as well as meeting up with existing clients to show them the new software developments to all their glass programs. In particular, the new document scanning option is just available and will be the main attraction on our booth.

This new module allows customers to scan documents automatically into Glass Office, so the order processor will key in an order as usual from a customer’s faxed order and when the job is saved, Glass Office will print a small barcode label with the job number on it. This will be stuck on the fax and the fax put into a document scanner on a separate PC.

There will be a barcode put onto delivery notes, and any other documents the customer needs (surveys, satisfaction notes for glaziers, etc), and when they come back signed from the customer, the delivery notes will be put into the scanner and automatically attached to each job, so saving significant costs by eliminating the need to store lots of archived paperwork.

Clear Thinking are hoping that other new enhancements currently being developed and to be announced later in the year will make attendance at the show a must for old and new customers alike.