“improved quality and factory throughput…..”

Clear Thinking Software are pleased to announce that they can now provide custom edge deletion for sealed unit makers – this means that a wider grind can be accomplished based on the required spacer depth or if a unit is stepped.

This is crucial for commercial sealed unit manufacturers who might use the Kawneer, Technal, Comar or Schuco curtain walling toggle insert systems, where a deeper spacer depth is required with matching wider edge deletion.

Now that this can be done automatically within our software, there are potentially huge savings in factory time and labour. This also means that a job with pieces needing a wider grind, can be mixed in with normal work for better glass optimisation, but can still have the correct grinding for each project. This is especially useful when there may be several simultaneous projects with identical low E softcoat glass, but differing partner pieces on the unit.

The software can also accommodate edge deletion for stepped units, so the grinding can be different on each of the four edges of the soft coat leaf, if required.

Currently, we have this working with Bystronic and Hegla tables, but we are continuing to work with all our machinery partners to roll this out on other glass cutting tables, if their technology allows.

Trevor Gowan of Lisburn Glass says, “We are a major supplier of large commercial units and this new addition to our software has saved us a huge amount of factory labour on the first project we used it on. Additionally, doing edge deletion of 30-65mm on the cutting table rather than offline has also improved quality and factory throughput. We are very pleased with this enhancement.”