We’ve recently launched a new Glass Office option “Document Scanning” to allow you to scan documents into Glass Office automatically. This will eliminate the need to store mountains of paperwork and saves time searching for and filing documents.

This is how it’ll work – the order processor will key an order in as usual from a customer’s faxed order. When the job is saved in Glass Office, it’ll print a small (5cm x 2cm) barcode label with the Glass Office job number on it. The label will be stuck on the fax and the fax put into a document scanner on a separate PC. The scanner will automatically be able to identify the order that the scanned document belongs to and will then attach it to the appropriate Glass Office job or quotation, as a PDF document.


                                              Barcode label printer and scanner

This can be done with any Glass Office paperwork, of course the documents generated by Glass Office will already have a barcode on, so that, (for example), a signed delivery note will come back and just be scanned straight into the system, giving you a permanent record of the signature. This means that if the customer requires proof of delivery a few weeks later when you’re chasing payment, anyone in the sales office can call it up in a few seconds and email them a PDF copy of the delivery note whilst they’re on the ‘phone, rather than hang up, go and search for the paperwork and call them back some time later. This should help eliminate reasons to delay payment and at the same time increase customer service.

This also applies to surveys, orders, satisfaction notes, delivery notes from your supplier for one-off bought-in items, sketches of shapes, quality control documents, etc, in fact any document relating to an order can be scanned and permanently stored.

Because all of the searching for the job is done in the normal Glass Office filter, it means that there is very little extra training for your office staff, but vastly improved customer service. This also means that documents can be backed up onto your system, and stored securely off site, eliminating the risk of losing all traceability if you have a fire or theft.