“…innovative software that helps us run our business..”

In 2002, Greg Bakken purchased a small “mom & pop” glass shop.  Greg has always been focused on customer service and quick turnaround times. General Glass’ targeted approach to the market has yielded more than 20% annual increases in revenues over the past 6 years.

Like most small shops, General Glass started out cutting all orders (20-30) by hand. After their second year in business, they purchased an order entry software package and an automated cutting table.

From the beginning, innovation and continuous improvement have been a hallmark of General Glass. Greg Bakken and Jake Powell (Plant Manager) have made innovative changes in scheduling, production, order processing and delivery.

With such tremendous growth, General Glass not only outgrew their original facility, but also their order entry and manufacturing software.  That is when they turned to Clear Thinking Software USA – experts in software for glass. 

First and foremost, General Glass wanted a software partner that had the industry experience and expertise to lead them to the next level in their growth plans (such as a new tempering furnace, automated shape work, edge work, etc.). 

Furthermore, they wanted a software solution that would:

  • Handle a high volume of orders quickly (200-500 orders per day), accurately and still allow for flexible and custom pricing structures.
  • Interface with both their existing/new equipment as well as integrate directly with their accounting software.
  • Be innovative and flexible enough to accommodate General Glass’ unique production and delivery ideas.


Glass Office combined with GlasSave (optimization software) from Clear Thinking Software with its advanced job scheduling, production and capacity planning has given General Glass the ability to continue to expand and grow their business.  General Glass has the assurance that their manufacturing software and software company has the experience, capability, and innovative ideas to take them where they want to be.