Business Micros and Clear Thinking Software have announced details of an agreement which will offer customers a wider choice on glass optimisation software and cutting table links.

Finalised at GP&T/Glassex, the tie up between two of the industry’s leading software names will allow fabricators to tailor a solution using both companies’ product offerings which best suits the needs of their businesses.

From now on, Business Micros customers using the EvoGlass option in the Evolution software platform will be able to use a direct BM interface to link to the advanced optimisation and table links provided by Clear Thinking. Alternatively if they have previously been using Business Micros stand alone Glass-Star software, they will be able to enjoy preferential rates to upgrade to the full Glass Office package from Clear Thinking.

In a reciprocal agreement, Clear Thinking customers manufacturing windows and doors who make their own glass units will also have the opportunity to purchase the Evolution manufacturing and processing software with advanced EvoNet management information and bar code scanning options at a discounted rate.

Both companies are excited about this development which brings together their complementary areas of expertise and efficiently shares resources.

Graeme Bailey, Business Micros Sales Director, said: ‘Both Business Micros and Clear Thinking are of the same mindset that it is better to share ideas for the benefit of customers than to force them to compromise because we don’t talk to one another.’

Malcolm Searle, Managing Director of Clear Thinking Software, adds: ‘We are confident that this move will be enthusiastically received and may even set a trend for further positive cooperation in the future.’

Article first appeared in The Gl@zine – 22nd April 08