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Because Glass Office can store over 10 years of manufacturing information in it's archives, it is a great solution for holding warranty information.

Glass Office displays all of the available orders in the default view, however most of the time you will only want to look at a few orders based on some criteria, eg. everything for delivery tomorrow. This is achieved using the filter screen, here is an example of the power of the filter.


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  1. Exclude quotes, but include orders and internal orders (FOC orders)
  2. Only include them if they've been optimised and the delivery note has been printed
  3. Only include them if they've been checked and signed off
  4. Only include orders from customer Better Windows
  5. Only include orders with a delivery date within this range
  6. Only include orders that are deliverable by us on the route 'South'

There is also a manual filter so you can retrieve jobs that have no common features.

As you can see using any combination available on this screen you can retrieve virtually any job by any criteria. There is also a tab to search the lines, so you could find all pieces of glass of a certain size (500x500 +/- 50mm) supplied over a period. This is especially useful for warranty issues, when a customer rings with partial information about the glass and you want to find and retrieve the items.

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